An Oregon licensed principal broker with over 35 years of experience, Mary Jo Avery is a premier real estate professional in today’s Portland metropolitan area market who has closed over $2 billion in her career.

Mary Jo is unrivaled in her extensive knowledge and expertise in real estate including luxury estates and investment properties throughout the local Lake Oswego, Stafford, Tualatin, Dunthorpe, Tigard and West Linn areas.

With a legacy of superior service, integrity and excellence Mary Jo’s consistency and staying power is why her clients are certain they chose to work with THE BEST OF THE BEST.

Looking for a Luxury Home …. look no further.  Call Mary Jo today.




“We’ve recently bought our estate through Avery-Bunick and we couldn’t be more pleased by the way they’ve handled it. Worth recommending to family and friends!!!” - Joyce Callebrera, OR‐ Worth recommending to family and friends

"Mary Jo is one of the top residential REALTORS in the United States because of her knowledge and commitment to her clients." - T. Lackman‐ Mary Jo is one of the top residential REALTORS in the United States

"Mary Jo is an absolute professional and closer. She operates effectively, efficiently and with integrity. I can't stress how much I respect her approach and tenacity. She consulted my wife and me through a very tough situation (with the buyers) on an expensive property in 2008 - miracle worker! I strongly endorse Mary Jo!"  - Zillow User pshornungjr‐ Mary Jo is an absolute professional

"We sold a home, bought another great one, and have considered other homes with this agent throughout the last decade. She always has the best information on upcoming listings, and knows the homes and neighboring families in Lake Oswego very well. Mary Jo represents you as a client, and protects your interests as a client. She makes sure that your next move will always be in your favor." - Zillow User benzwake‐ She always has the best information on upcoming listings

"They were amazing - truly. Worked 100 times harder than any Broker I've ever worked with (and I handle transactional real estate). The difference between this broker and our sale broker was huge."  - Michelle, Murray Hill Buyer‐ They were amazing - truly

"Thanks for Mary Jo, we found a house super satisfied. It is not easy to buy a house in Lake Oswego, especially for us whose mother language is not English. Mary Jo is very experienced and has good connection with other agents. That is VERY important! She is nice but very aggressive for her client. Very professional. Highly recommend!!!" - Zillow user jenny.jin.xu‐ Experienced and has good connection with other agents

"When one receives service at the highest possible level, it compels one to let everyone know of our incredible experience." "They have made the entire experience an absolute pleasure, and clearly shows that if you want something done right, you must start with the right person and the right company. In conclusion, should you be in the market for a home or plan on selling one, we highly recommend Mary Jo and her team, as they have proved beyond a shadow of doubt, she is the right person, and she has the right company, with a staff, that have a "Core Value" of customers/clients best interest, comes first, above all else." - Ron & Terry, Lake Oswego Buyer‐ Service at the highest possible level

"From the very start she and her team were very knowledgeable and very timely with information and support. The listing and sale was completed in less than a week. Negotiations with the buyer were stress free and very successful. I could not have been supported more efficiently. I was made to feel that I was their most important client, even though my home was not a million dollar plus home. I would recommend [them] to anyone looking for exceptional service in selling your home." - Zillow user judythompson1949‐ Anyone looking for exceptional service

"Simply put, Mary Jo is a deal maker. When she sold our home in West Linn, she understood the value of the property, and got us $100,000 more than the other realtor we were considering thought we should ask. She also gave us excellent advice during the sale negotiation. The home sold for $1,000 over asking price. When tens of thousands of dollars are at stake, you need a professional veteran like Mary Jo. She's a sweetheart, but also a tiger in this business!" - Zillow user scotcasey1‐ Gave us excellent advice during the sale negotiation

"Mary Jo is a hard-working agent with a tremendous knowledge of real estate and the local market. Her years of experience within LO are readily apparent. She answered our questions honestly and promptly. Mary Jo is a creative deal maker and we would not hesitate to use her again." - Zillow user marthatesta1963‐ Would not hesitate to use her again

"Mary Jo and her team did an excellent job selling our home! Our house was located in a challenging location, that required understanding the selling points unique to that area. She was able to overcome the buyers' objections and work with an inexperienced buyers' agent very successfully. She succeeded because of extra effort and attention that was over and above what we have experienced with other brokers." - Zillow user 86338991‐ Extra effort and attention that was over and above what we have experienced with other brokers

Thank you so much for all that you did to help get our condo sold! You and your agents are top notch! -Sarah, Lake Oswego Seller‐ You and your agents are top notch!

Thank you for all your help on my new adventure. You make a stellar team.

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